What Will You Do? A Study in Christian Ethics

As a Christ-follower, you face ethical decisions every day. The question is, “What will you do?” Contemporary cultural pressures will tempt you to live outside the safety net of scriptural boundaries. However, if you set your sail to follow the winds of social evolution you may find yourself in a storm. The Scriptures give you proven ways to navigate safely through life’s decisions. God provides clear ethical guidelines. You can be assured your ethics are sound when you rely on them. This study will provide principles to hep you resolve questions of what is ethical for a Christian in any particular situation and in any culture. You can confidently make correct and honorable choices as the Holy Spirit guides you through the unchanging ethical principles found in the Word.

Hardcover, paperback and e-book editions are available. There is also a WORKBOOK available in October that is excellent for Bible study or Bible College.

The Value of Honor

Honor is a quality in us that is a deep conviction to do the right thing regardless of what the outcomes might be. Honorable people have a great advantage when it comes to leaving a legacy that others will celebrate. The distinguishing feature of this legacy is that if we live with honor, and it remains after we are gone, it’s what we will be remembered for. Equally important are the legacies we leave behind from one season to the next. These are like individual chapters in a history book. Add these chapters together and they form the entire record of our lives, with which others and most importantly, God will judge us. Your legacy is determined by making the moment count for the right reasons: obedience to God and compassion for His people. (You will find this and more on Page 146 of my  book, “The Proven Track of Success.” – See my “Bookstore page on the website.)

Catch and Release

Let’s talk about fishing. As much as I love eating fresh fish, I’ve never been much of a fisherman or spent time fishing. I don’t enjoy it and I’m certainly not any good at it. Besides, who wants to clean fish? Obviously some of us do.



Call Sin What It Is.

I heard Dr. Russell Moore, the president of Southern Baptist convention, say, “Call sin what it is so we can call grace what it is.”  This made me think about churches that have decided to take a “more user-friendly” approach to their message, as the means to build their churches. (more…)


He’s a Giver and a Rewarder.

I’m Dr. Bob and for just a Mentoring Minute I want to share a thought that I recently had while In church. I was listening to Dr. Graham Catto, a guest speaker from South Africa. He said the ultimate destination of every believer will be manifest when Christ comes back. He continued to say that, at that time, the dead will be resurrected to stand before God. Dr. Catto continued by saying, (more…)


A Thought Worth Pondering

This was taken from a twelfth-century writing entitled, “Towards the Conversion of England” In it was written, “The church of Jesus Christ does not progress beyond the spiritual progress of its leaders.” Every leader in the church should reflect on this thought. Selah.

Our Pastors

As I was sitting in church, listening to my pastor share the Word of God, I thought about what a unique gift our pastors are to us. (more…)


Do the Right Thing.

Our integrity or lack of integrity is always seen in what we do. I have heard it said that it is never wrong to do what is right; and that it is never right to do what is wrong. Simply put, we are always to do the right thing, because it is right to do so… However, we often try to justify doing the wrong thing because of the circumstances in which we find ourselves. We can feel threatened or intimidated. We can have pity on someone, or, there are times that we decide to do the wrong thing because we see a personal advantage in it, even though we know it is wrong. Regardless of our excuses, the wrong thing is never right. Proverbs 20:7 (NKJV) bears this out. It says, ““The righteous man walks in his integrity; His children are blessed after him.”

Outcomes should never be the deciding factor for doing right or wrong. If we are to trust God and obey, we must look beyond our emotions, fears or opportunities for personal gain. The issue is always whether we will exhibit Christian character and commitment. How can you be sure your decisions and actions are the right ones? The answer can be found in whether your actions are consistently true to New Testament teaching; and if you have asked the Holy Spirit to be your decision-making Partner. I’m Dr. Bob. Think about what I have just said. Consider what God thinks about right and wrong. Then, see if you can justify a time when doing wrong is approved by God. Be sure to justify your thoughts with Scripture.

Do the Right Thing


Love is found in Unexpected Places and People.

Recently I was with the Living Streams Chinese Church in Brooklyn. In the congregation was a young woman, about twenty years old. She had come to New York from a background of rejection by her mother in China, who regretted she had not been born a boy. (more…)