Now Available: “Philippians – Grace and Peace in All Things”

The Apostle Paul had an unwavering commitment to put his energies into doing whatever was required to fulfill the will of God. His letter to the Philippians challenges us to embrace this same level of commitment to know, love and serve Jesus. You will find the book speaking to your heart. It is available through a link on our website Bookstore.

“Fresh and Flourishing”

Dr. Bob’s newest book (August, 2018): It’s a Contemplative Journey Through Psalm Ninety-Two. Psalm 92 reminds us of many reasons why it is “good to give thanks to the Lord.” God can turn any experience into one that works in ways that fulfill His purpose for you. Keep seeking Him. You will find, understand and fulfill the purpose to which He called you; and you will flourish.

A Sample of Thoughts from My Newest Book

Coming in August or September – my newest book: “Fresh and Flourishing, a Contemplative Journey Through Psalm Ninety-Two.” I thought you might enjoy a sneak preview into one of my thoughts I recorded in the book:
“I can vividly remember what it felt like, years ago, to give up my church and no longer occupy the position of its pastor. I had so much loved being a pastor. When I had to move on, I felt empty. My entire being had been focused on helping others through the gifts God had placed in me in my role as a pastor. Suddenly, though the gifts were still there, the opportunities were not. I felt used up and unable to see what purpose there was for me, beyond being a pastor. Nevertheless, I understood that this new season of life would have fruitfulness in it I could never have had if I stayed in the season God wanted to close. Yet, there remained a hole in my heart for the calling I had so diligently fulfilled. Perhaps I will never fully get past the feelings I so greatly enjoyed as a pastor meeting His people’s needs. I had always seen myself as this important thread in a coat of many colors. Now, it was like I was pulled from the coat, floating like a loose thread falling to the floor. What was I to do?

It took me far too long, but years later, I began to see that coat of many colors from a very different perspective. No, I wasn’t one of those shiny colorful threads for everyone to see. I was really just a small thread in the lining of God’s coat of many colors. It was my high privilege to be so! My task was to be a functioning part of that lining that consists of innumerable servants of God. This had become my opportunity to fit and function without allowing my pride to tell God where I belonged in that coat. I began to see the value of what my experience and age could bring to younger pastors, using my gifts in ways I could never do in the past. Now, my ministry and life are very different, but certainly no less fruitful. I now clearly understand why, in all things, “it’s good to give thanks to the Lord.”

Look for the book later, but let what you just read speak to you today. – Dr. B

Dr. Bob’s Sermon Notes on “Unity” in Mandarin Chinese

On October 25th, 2015, Dr. Bob preached a sermon on Unity at the Living Streams Christian Church in Brooklyn, NY. It was translated into Mandarin Chinese. Here is the link.

Finding and Understanding True Satisfaction

There are times when we struggle with knowing what will bring true satisfaction to our lives. Here are my thoughts on the subject.

Trading Fog for F.O.G.

I’m Dr. Bob and for just a mentoring minute I want to clear up something. There are times when you may feel your life is like a ship in the fog. You are in motion but cannot see where you are going, or what is in your path. It can be unsettling. There seems to be no way to see what is ahead. However, (more…)


The Word Zone

I was immersed in my daily Bible reading when I realized that I experience a unique comfort from it. I value the Bible as a very special place into which I can go. It’s like a zone of its own amazing texture and color. It also carries an aroma and a taste that is pleasant and appealing. (more…)


Lies are like Grave Clothes.

Lies always have one purpose above all others – to keep us bound and restrained from the truth, because only the truth sets us free. Indeed, nothing else keeps us free. (more…)