My new workbook: Developing a Minister for Service in the Gospel of Christ

I published a new workbook: “Developing a Minister for Service in the Gospel of Christ.” It’s intended to compliment, mentor and train those who desire to enter into Christian ministry. It’s to be used under the supervision of a seasoned mentor or leader – and is most effective in small groups.


New for March-April 2016 “Ten Characteristics of God’s Devil Stompers”

“Ten Characteristics of God’s Devil Stompers” is a compliment to “Ten Characteristics of God’s Champions,” which is also found on the “Leadership Attitudes” page. It’s an encouraging list of a champion devil stomper’s characteristics .

Tiny White Bugs

Podcast: Tiny White Bugs

I was sitting at my desk, looking out the window at our beautiful yard and the golf course beyond. A number of months ago we planted a young Hibiscus tree about fifteen feet from my window. It had beautiful orange flowers on it when we brought it home and planted it. After a while, the flowers disappeared. We examined the young tree and found (more…)


No More Junk Drawers

At breakfast with my friend, Pastor Bryan Rosenbarger, we talked about how vital it is that leaders in the church live organized, disciplined lives. Everyone is watching. Pastor Bryan said to me, “Leaders who are disorganized and undisciplined are like junk drawers in a kitchen. Most of us (more…)


The Squeeze Chute – b

My friend, Pastor Glenn Holderead, raises cattle in Oklahoma. We talk often, encouraging each other with what the Lord shows us from our every day lives. We were talking about the corral in which he gathers his cattle to care for them. Pastor Glenn described it to me and explained how it’s used. As he did, the Holy Spirit began to show both of us how a simple thing like this fenced in holding area for cattle can illustrate how perfectly God cares for us. (more…)


He Did It For Elijah – He Will Do It For You.

Let’s talk about a great question God asks us from time to time. It’s “What are you doing here?” 1 Kings, Chapter 19, tells us of Elijah fleeing from Jezebel’s threat to revenge the deaths of the prophets of Baal by killing him. If you take the time to study the chapter, you will see (more…)


“Who – More Important than “How”

I heard Pastor Jamie Peters say something that really caught my attention. It was, ““Who” is more important than “how.”” He was referring to the Gospels’ descriptions of the different ways Jesus healed three blind men. (more…)


Requirements for All Things Possible

With God, all things are possible. When you make possibilities your destination, you can be sure that you can get there, because with God, all things are possible, and nothing is impossible. In today’s world, that’s better assurance than a bucket of gold or a stack of silver. In fact, (more…)


A Black Bird, a Dove, or a Blue Jay?

I have a pleasant view from my desk in my home office, looking out into the yard. I have a bird feeder there and often watch various kinds of small birds coming to feed on the seeds we’ve put into it. The behavior patterns of the birds remind me of how people interact with each other. (more…)


Turtle Faith

There’s a well-known story about a race between a turtle and a rabbit (a tortoise and a hare). The rabbit was much faster than the turtle, but he failed to take the race seriously. He got distracted along the way and lost his focus. The turtle just kept plodding along, determined to stay focused. (more…)