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As a Christ-follower, you face ethical decisions every day. The question is, “What will you do?” Contemporary cultural pressures will tempt you to live outside the safety net of scriptural boundaries. However, if you set your sail to follow the winds of social evolution you may find yourself in a storm. The Scriptures give you proven ways to navigate safely through life’s decisions. God provides clear ethical guidelines. You can be assured your ethics are sound when you rely on them.

This study will provide principles to hep you resolve questions of what is ethical for a Christian in any particular situation and in any culture. You can confidently make correct and honorable choices as the Holy Spirit guides you through the unchanging ethical principles found in the Word.

The paperback edition is $12.95. 

There is a Hardcover edition available $18.95.

There is a Kindle e-book available $4.95.

There is a WORKBOOK available $10.95.

  • Price: $ 12.95
  • Available on Kindle for $ 4.95
  • Author: Dr. Bob Abramson
  • Paperback at $12.95, Hardcover at $18.95 and coordinating WORKBOOK $10.95: 152 Pages