God’s Timely Rewards

I am amazed at how God knows when we need an encouraging word. I had just returned from ministering in Tampa and was exhausted and feeling a bit spent. Have you ever been there? I seem to have that preacher’s disease that causes you to want to give up after every good weekend of preaching. I do not know why it happens, but some of you preachers out there can probably identify with what I am saying. Anyways, the phone rang at midnight and I was so tired I was not happy about it. However, it turned out to be one of my students from my Bible school in the Fiji Islands. I had not spoken to him in thirteen years and out of the blue he called. He thanked me for all I had poured into him and the example I was in his life. He had many kind words to say. Now he pastors a church in North Queensland, Australia. It is full of wonderful Aboriginal people he has brought to Christ, and who now love the Lord. What an amazing event!

God knew just what I needed. He knows what you need too. I would love to hear your stories of similar happenings. Stay encouraged. God is faithful. I want to remind you that you are more fruitful than you know!