Count it all Joy, with Thanksgiving

Here in America we are celebrating our national holiday, Thanksgiving. We traditionally give thanks to God for our blessings. I have learned that in the midst of my troubles and frustrations, I can always find more than enough to be thankful for. Even in the midst of paying a price for serving God, I can be thankful. Below is a paragraph from my new book. Let it speak to your heart. (“Just a Little Bit More” – The book will be coming out in January.)

“I have learned that when the cost seems to be overwhelming, stop counting the cost and start counting it all joy. God will not waste your pain. He will invest it for your future success and His glory. Take yourself beyond counting the cost. Remind yourself that you could never count the number of thoughts God as toward you, and you could never find or measure the limits to His grace. He will not abandon you in your journey to serve Him. He will be there for you and will take you through to your destiny.”