Everyone Needs a “Worries Box.”

I was talking with a young man who I have mentored as he prepares to become a pastor. The subject came up of anxiety or worry over the decisions and choices he will have to make along the way to his successes. I told him that through the years I have developed my own “Worries Box.” It’s not a physical box, but (more…)

Foolish Choices

Have you ever seen a picture of an ostrich with his head in the sand? I’m not sure those big birds really do this, but it’s a picture of a foolish choice because (more…)

Not Moved – Dr. Bob’s Poem

This is a poem I wrote thirteen years ago when I needed a miracle. It wrote it and then spoke it often, to declare the faithfulness of God. I got my miracle. Share it with someone who needs to hear it.


Not moved by what I see…

Not moved by what I hear.

Not moved by what I feel…

Not moved by what I fear.

– – –

Though troubles may approach me…

Though rumors may abound.

Though others may reproach me…

I will reject that sound.

– – –

Though weakness may encroach…

on my abundant strength.

Though sickness come and cloak me…

In Christ I will remain.

– – –

Not moved by what attacks me…

Not moved by what I lack.

Not moved by who deserts me…

Not moved by who turns back.

– – –

Jesus is my Master… My Lord, my Strength, my Shield.

Though others may persuade me… To Him alone I yield.

I live for Him with confidence… In Spirit I am filled.

I live for Him with faithfulness… His kingdom I will build.

– – –

Not moved by what I see…

Not moved by what I hear.

Not moved by what I feel…

Not moved by what I fear.

– – –

Just moved by my Lord Jesus…

And moved by my own zeal.

Just moved by grace and mercy…

My life in Him is real!

“New Beginnings” is now on the website.

Divorced or broken relationship? We have now provided Dr. Bob’s teaching on “New Beginnings.” The classes have helped thousands of people to recover and move ahead with life.  Here is the link.

Never Worry about Anything.

We all know people who cannot find the peace they desperately need. They are living with anxiety and worry, and have not found a way to rid themselves of it. Perhaps this is you. If not, I am sure that you know someone who suffers from this. The most common reason for anxiety and worry is that people try to find peace by relying on their own efforts. They fail because they have surrendered to their own emotional instability. This has robbed them of the ability to overcome all the internal discord that has captivated them. They essentially have chosen to seek peace from within the confusion that lives in them. This is impossible. They need to look for help beyond themselves. Where can they look?

Philippians 4:6-7 (GWT) says, “Never worry about anything. But in every situation let God know what you need in prayers and requests while giving thanks. {7} Then God’s peace, which goes beyond anything we can imagine, will guard your thoughts and emotions through Christ Jesus.” The Bible never instructs us to seek an escape from our anxieties within ourselves. This gets us nowhere. We are to make our requests to God. Only God’s peace, at work in us, can guard our thoughts and emotions from the anxiety and worry that wants to capture us. The point is, the peace is not yours, it comes from God, and it is available to you.

Never Worry About Anything

Keep it Simple.

I was reading Psalm 131 during my morning devotionals and God spoke to my heart through it so loudly that I wanted to share it with you. It is a short psalm, only three verses. (more…)

Luggage in Your Lap

I would like you to consider what a trip on an airplane would be like if you had to fly with your check-in luggage on your lap instead of it being stored in the bottom of the airplane? Can you imagine the discomfort? There would be this crushing weight (more…)

Look at What You Don’t See.

What it is that you have been seeing? Your answer could be that you see the obvious facts of what is going on all around you. I invite you to look beyond what you have been seeing with your eyes. Look through (more…)

Not Broken, Not Removed… Destroyed!

I want to make it perfectly clear that God will go far beyond breaking or simply removing whatever has you bound. He will utterly destroy it! (more…)