Run From It!

The Apostle Paul warns us to run from sin. In my opinion, not running away from it is a dangerous carnal miscalculation. It would be a very bad choice that leads to destruction. Sin will entice and entrap us, and (more…)

Never Mess With Grace.

For just a Mentoring Minute, let’s talk about grace. How often do we witness someone who disregards the grace of God? It might be understandable, though not excusable if someone is not a Christian. However, for those who know the Lord, there can be no excuse. (more…)

The Truth is easier to Memorize.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer, a news journalist and TV commentator said something that carries a powerful message. He said, “Tell the truth. It’s easier to memorize.” For years, I have been saying the same thing when teaching or counseling. What makes the truth so powerful is that it leaves no place for carnal, evil or self-serving thoughts to hide and then spring from your lips to try to excuse or cover sin. In Numbers, Chapter 23, Moses warned Israel not to try to hide the truth about sin. The latter part of verse 23 records Moses saying, “…be sure your sin will find you out.”

Self-serving manipulation in the form of a spoken lie will eventually expose itself. This cannot be avoided through clever manipulation or maneuvering. However, if you make it a habitual practice to speak the truth, your words will carry the power to keep you free from sin’s grip. They will insulate you from temptation. Truthful words will bring God’s intervention, protection and blessings, and will deliver God’s grace to those to whom you speak. Dr. Krauthammer’s advice simply restated what Moses said so long ago. Lies will continually compound themselves, until they lead the liar to stumble over their complexities. The point is that lies will not be your servants, but quickly become your masters.

When you live a transparent life, and speak truth-filled words, sin has no opportunity to corner you and destroy your integrity. God responds to truth. He will see you through the moment and taken you to places only truth and transparency can provide. Reflect on this… and then, practice it.

The Truth is easier to Memorize

The Proper Perspective

When it comes to what we think about people, it is human nature for our prior opinions to influence our current judgments or choices. In addition, we are easily tempted to compare ourselves to others by (more…)

One Potato Leads to Two

I’m Dr. Bob and for just a Mentoring Minute, I want to share a conversation a person had at lunch. He happens to be diabetic. He was served a deliciously smelling stew and noticed it had potatoes in it. (more…)

Your Best …parent: Transparent

I’m Dr. Bob and for just a mentoring Minute, I want to ask you what it is that people see in you? Do they see a person filled with insecurity and self-protective tendencies that darken and hide what is really inside? (more…)

Snake Talk

I’m Dr. Bob and for just a Mentoring Minute, let me warn you about “snake talk.” In Genesis, Chapter 3, the serpent deceived Eve. She joined with him in “snake talk,” allowing the snake to call God a liar. This put doubt in Eve’s heart. She opened herself up to the deception and the deception opened up her (and Adam… and all of us) to sin, death and broken fellowship with God. Once the snake got away with this, he had entrance to say anything, and Eve would entertain his words. We still listen to far too much “snake talk” today. What can we do about this? In Matthew 11:15, Jesus said, “He who has ears, let him hear.” He referred to hearing His words, not some snake’s lies. Here is the point. Never listen to any snake who wants you to doubt or water down the absolute truth of God’s Word. Use the discernment God has given you, coupled with the knowledge you have of God, to reject words that would cause doubt or compromise. Write this expression in the depths of your heart; “No snake talk!” Always stand on the foundational truth that “snake talk” is exactly what it always has been – a deathblow from the devil. Remember, God’s Word is truth, and brings abundant life forever more. I’m Dr. Bob. Contact me at and let’s agree that snakes are liars and God is always true!

Snake Talk

Don’t Surrender Your Honor

I’m Dr. Bob, and for just a Mentoring Minute, I want to caution young people who might be listening. Actually, it’s good for old guys like me too. Proverbs 5:8-9 warns us not to surrender our honor. If you do, three things will happen. First, you will fight a sense of guilt and shame for years to come. Second, you will fight a sense sorrow, and third, you will fight a sense of bitterness, because of what happened through your own bad judgment. It’s not easy to win these fights. If you give your honor away, you will discover how precious it was when you had it, and how sad it is now that you lost it. Here is a teachable truth. There are no refunds for spent honor. There is, however, a way for you to turn from all the bitterness and rebuild your life. It will take an effort for you to journey back to wholeness, but if you are willing, it’s one in which God will order your steps and walk with you. I’m Dr. Bob. Write me at and tell me about the joy of your new start with our forever-faithful God.

Don’t Surrender Your Honor

Candy Wrappers

I’m Dr. Bob and for just a Mentoring Minute, I want to talk to you about candy wrappers… yes, candy wrappers. Candy makers spare no expense to create the most enticing wrappers possible for their candies. They do this so you will so greatly desire what’s hidden inside the package, that you will purchase it before you ever know what it really will taste like. Temptation operates just like that. The devil cleverly wraps sin in the most attractive of temptations to try to make you hunger for what’s hidden in the package. Here is my advice. Check the devil’s tempting wrapper that hides the sin against God’s word. It will be like putting it under a three dimensional, full color X-Ray. You will see through to the truth, and will not be deceived into biting into something that wants to poison your life, your reputation and your future. I’m Dr. Bob. Write me at Dr. and share with me a good story about a particularly deceptive wrapper that was hiding something you refused to bite into.

Candy Wrappers