Dr. Bob’s Sermon Notes on “Unity” in Mandarin Chinese

On October 25th, 2015, Dr. Bob preached a sermon on Unity at the Living Streams Christian Church in Brooklyn, NY. It was translated into Mandarin Chinese. Here is the link.

Asking the Right Questions – Sarah Mueller

Sarah Mueller is Dr. Abramson’s daughter. Here’s her Mentoring Minute:

My husband and I like to joke around about what our neighbors might think of us. Do they think we are strange for having 4 kids (yes, really – 4 boys!) ? Do they think we are over-protective because we homeschool? Do they automatically think we are judgmental because we are Christians? When my boys are being much too loud outside, I wonder if the neighbors are rolling their eyes about “all those noisy Mueller boys.”

Today I realized these are the wrong questions to ask myself. I shouldn’t worry about whether someone else thinks I’m strange, judgmental, or over-protective. In Romans 12:2 ESV, Paul said, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” This means we are set-apart. I’m supposed to be different!

What I should ask myself is whether my neighbors see Jesus in my actions. When my son does something wrong, does she see me patiently correcting him in love? Does my neighbor see me loving and respecting my husband when others may be complaining about theirs? Am I welcoming and helpful, loving my neighbor as myself?

Once I redirect myself and focus on sharing and showing God’s love for others, I stop worrying about what others think. The negative impressions may or may not be there, but it doesn’t really matter. The kids are going to be too loud (they are sinners in need of grace just like the rest of us). I’m probably going to mess up and need to ask forgiveness. But I believe it’s in those moments when God’s grace shows through and He is glorified. So what do the neighbors think of us? I still don’t know, but now I realize that I don’t really mind, as long as I’m asking myself the right questions What kind of questions do you ask yourself? Do you need to redirect your focus?

Asking the Right Questions- Sarah Mueller-06-18-14


Looking Down

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God’s Kind of Love -paperback and Kindle now available

Here is the link to Amazon.com: God’s Kind of Love. This book can change your life and make a difference in those around you.

God’s kind of love is the essence of His nature. Like Him, it is so vast and multifaceted that it is beyond any earthly attempt to record it fully in a book. Nevertheless, as you read this book, let it be a journey of the heart. Each page will take you down a path of discovery about who God is and what His love means to you. Let this personal journey with God help you discover how His kind of love can transform you and those around you.

Love is found in Unexpected Places and People.

Recently I was with the Living Streams Chinese Church in Brooklyn. In the congregation was a young woman, about twenty years old. She had come to New York from a background of rejection by her mother in China, who regretted she had not been born a boy. (more…)


Love First… Gifts Second

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Dear to Him

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What Kind of Love is this?

I have some thoughts to share with you concerning love. We so easily become confused about what love is and often identify it as something it cannot be. When this happens, we become vulnerable to being hurt, or hurting others. (more…)


Love is a Principled Commitment

I’m Dr. Bob and for just a Mentoring Minute I want to remind you that these days, the world’s perception of love has gone completely away from what God designed it to be – and from what is really is. So let me give you a simple, accurate picture of love, according to God. (more…)