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We are designed by God to find success, significance, and satisfaction with our journeys through life. There are Proven Tracks for achieving this that you can follow. Dr. Abramson paints comprehensive pictures of the elements of your journey that lead through success and significance to lasting satisfaction.This is a compilation of three books under one cover that Dr. Bob Abramson previously published:. “The Proven Track of Success;” “The Proven Track of Significance;” and “The Proven Track of Satisfaction.” Together, they form a single complimentary and in a true sense, a continuous message of the journey God has awaiting you.┬áThis book is available in a HARD COVER EDITION ONLY – 478 Pages.

  • Price: $ 24.95
  • Author: Dr. Bob Abramson
  • Release Date: Jan 21st, 2022
  • Hard Cover Edition only: 478 Pages

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