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A Kid in God’s Tree House – STUDY GUIDE

Psalm 91 is a source of encouragement, comfort and reassurance for all who read it. This Study Guide will help you unpack the treasures found in this psalm and apply its many promises and principles to your own life. My prayer is that you will come away with a greater appreciation for and understanding of your relationship with your heavenly Father and how it can change your life. You will be challenged with thought-provoking principles and questions. Your answers will draw you into a greater understanding of the benefits of abiding in His presence.

In many ways, “the secret place of the Most High” of Psalm 91 is a place where anything is possible for the child of God. It offers the delights of all our heavenly Father has created for us – His sons and daughters. It is our place of safety where we can spend time with Father God, leaving the cares of the world in His hands. The door is always open, ready to welcome you, where you can hope, dream and simply be “A Kid in God’s Tree House.”

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