Gifts from Heaven -Pastor Nancy Abramson 12-2019

This is a wonderful study about the “Gifts from Heaven” we receive when we invite Christ into our hearts.

No Control? What Now?

Paperback and Kindle eBook are now available: Have you ever suddenly found yourself in one of life’s unexpected storms? Think of a time when you were genuinely surprised at your situation and felt trapped, unsettled and without an apparent solution to your dilemma? You were sure there was no way out There was nowhere to turn and nobody to turn to. And so, there you were. There was just no way to control what was an apparently bleak path to any number of negative outcomes. When life confronts us with situations that seem beyond our control, what’s to be done? Every unsettling situation can tempt us to respond outside the will and covering of God. The answer to finding a way to escape such situations is to displace them with biblically proven choices. When God has a plan, He always has a way. This book is about practical, biblically proven ways to move beyond life’s challenges and into new seasons of opportunities. When you find yourself without any apparent control over your situation, and ask, “What now?

My newest e-book for June 2019: Seven New Testament Patterns for Godly Living

My newest e-book: Seven New Testament Patterns for Godly Living –  Everyone develops patterns of living, both righteous and not. Dr. Abraamson will challenge you to compare the patterns of your own life to New Testament patterns for godly living. The writings of the apostles Paul and Peter will provide you with an opportunity to contemplate and answer questions such as: What are some of the most common patterns we see in our societies today that matter to people, but may not please God? Why would Scripture require that we bear with one another in a pattern of loving forgiveness? Why would a pattern of peace in a person’s heart be fundamental to success in life? Why could Paul expect people to have a pattern of always being joyful, when it’s obvious life has its ups and downs?