“Light Be!”

I must share with you what I heard at a Tuesday night prayer meeting. The worship team was singing a song, “At the sound of Your great name.” I heard the Holy Spirit say, “This song speaks of a sound that commands and everything obeys.” The sound of Jesus’ great name has the same effect today as the first sound ever uttered at the creation of the universe. In Hebrew, this first sound was, “ye-he or,” which is most accurately translated into English as, “Light be!” When God spoke these divine words, light was. Genesis 1:3 (NKJV) says, “Then God said, “Let there be light” and there was light.”

 If you are in darkness today, and you have given your life faithfully to Christ, you can speak with God’s authority. You only need to speak two things. First, say, “Jesus, at the sound of your great name, darkness has to go.” Now combine that with, “In the name of Jesus, Light be.” Darkness will flee. Light will come. Then, the glory of the Lord will flood your situation with grace. Try it. Here, I will give it to you again. Say, “Jesus, at the sound of your great name, darkness has to go… In the name of Jesus, Light be…  ye-he-or.” That winning sound that commands the very creative power of God. I’m Dr. Bob. What sounds have you been making. Have they had the same assurance and authority as “Light be?” Reflect on what should change so they did have it. You can listen to additional Mentoring Minutes at www.mentoringministry.com.

Light Be