Always Be Another One

I’m Dr. Bob, and for just a mentoring minute, I want to assure you there will always be another one. You are probably asking, “Another what?” Well, there will always be another problem, test, challenge or discouraging event to face. That is just the way life is, especially when you are in the will of God and making a difference for His kingdom. Here is the good news. You can be sure that with every difficulty you face, will come another one of God’s faithful demonstrations of His loving grace to you. You can also look for and expect His grace to show up to move you forward when things are good. He is faithful, and good or bad, live in the expectation that things will get better. Yes, God is there in the midst of every situation you will face. I’m Dr. Bob. Now would be a good opportunity to draw near to God and feed your faith on His faithfulness. Contact me at and together we can rehearse the dependability and goodness of God.

Always be Another One